NewConstructionThere are many advantages to building a new home vs. buying one already built. The obvious advantages that come to mind are customizability, location choice, and cost savings. However, many home buyers are timid about the building process and often ask, “Why should I build when there are so many great deals on existing homes?”

There are many opportunities to buy a pre-existing home that may appear to be a good deal. Many buyers settle for a pre-existing home because of the appearance of a great price. However, the majority of these deals are on distressed properties. Distressed properties include foreclosures, bank-owned homes and short sales.

With distressed purchases, there are unknown risks with regard to repair and upkeep. Often buyers who purchase these homes spend more money fixing up the home to make it their dream home than they would have spent if they had built a brand new home.

For those potential buyers who have been touring existing homes month after month and not landing on the home of their dreams, building a home is a solution that can sometimes be forgotten. If you truly want a home that is move-in ready and meets all your needs right away, building is the only all-encompassing solution.

A new home allows you to choose a floor plan that works for your family, a location that’s most convenient and customizations that will ensure your home is perfect right from the start. The choices are endless and the bottom lines are manageable.

Another reason many people might consider building instead of buying is to save money and energy in the future; building green.

Building a home ensures the house is up to date on all codes and is energy efficient. Third party inspectors come into the homes and perform tests to make sure the new build is free of any air leaks and is entirely efficient.

In fact, building a home can end up saving as much as 30 percent on energy bills compared to buying an older home. The savings of a newly built home would be even more impressive when compared to a home built 20 years ago or more.

For those looking to own their first home, their dream home, or any house in between, building is an option that is more affordable now than ever before, allows the buyer to fully customize their home and promises energy savings for years to come.

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